High Moon

Session 4

The Whiskey Fog

The group decides that its totem will be the Chimera. They now need to find a way to contact it. Also each pack member will spend three experience to improve the totem so all can use it.

After staying the night in the town of Stalewater they get up the next day to send out telegrams to collect the bounty on the head of the Cyclops and to let the union troops at fort Something. Some of the pack and the sheriff hung around the gold chest looking for ways to pick up a little more cash, but it was closely guarded by the union soldier. Kills decides that a train is needed to transport the soldier and the gold to the fort and the nearest one is in the camp of the railworkers at the canyon to the west.

Hoy Hail, the ally of Prowls across the Plains, helps Prowls to set up the documents to take possession of his ranch and hire hands that he needs to run it. He now needs to travel west to there and talk with the previous owner to exchange documents.

During travel a whiskey fog descends across all things creating blanks in the memories of some… so making it hard to tell what is real and what will be retconned.

Leaving town the pack ride the the ranch that Prowls will run. He meets his foreman named Parley Gimble who’s talking becomes annoying but he handles animals well. There is a special horse owned by the ranch named ‘Whiteghost’ that Prowls starts working towards training (passed the first test). After speaking with the workers and former owner it turns out Mr Valentine in town has been trying to buy the property and messing with the boundary lines. Prowls issues his workers with the guns they claimed from the late Cyclops gang telling them to see off any one messing with the property and that he has ‘some large dogs’ that he will set on the boundary line to help drive off these unwelcome people. The ranch will be called ‘Broni Ranch’ which was well liked by all the NPC workers.

The pack now head further west to the camp of the railworkers.
Kills all Things takes an instant dislike to the foreman (who turns out to be a werespider) but finally gets through to talk with the railway officer named Haylend, who turns out to be an Ironrider werewolf. He has very strong anti-indian feelings and wants the group to go with him and his nephew to take photos of some men the indians have killed. In exchange he will send one of his trains back east to take the soldier and gold up to the fort, with Loong Slong acting as guard. The werespider turns out not to be wyrm tainted, but could be working for the weaver.

Loong Slong is the mentor of Seeks Justice who is glad that the Cylclops is dead and gives the pack an idol of Chimera allowing the, all to contact their new totem. The pack asks to learn rituals from Loong slong which he agrees to. At this time the pack realise they they can make friends with the Indians and Uktena across the canyon or make friends with those that dislike the Indians. Also Mr Valentine has bought most of the land around the railroad.

Weaves the Fates realises that the caern we found and claimed as our pack caern is not actually the caern she was searching for. Turns out she got North and South mixed up and it is probably around where the silvermine is.

? Experience (agreed by the GM that is on compiling interest each week its not awarded)
? Glory
? Honor
? Wisdom
(still to get the renown for getting the totem)

Future suggestions :
Silvermine is still tainted and could be a caern
Mr Valentine and his elite club in town acting suspicious and only seen at night
Tasks set by Loong slong in payment for the rituals he is teaching the pack ?
various enemies hunting or being hunted by the pack


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