This town was set up about 15 years ago after the Silverstock Silvermine to the south was abandoned. It makes it’s living from Gold Panning the muddy rivers to the North and numerous ranches on the outskirts.


The Panner’s Rest
The preferred drinking establishment of the local gold panners, trappers and labourers which promises cheap drinks and cheap company. Fights often break out between the patrons, but the bouncers here are quite adept at stopping them.

The Jewel of Nevada
In the last few weeks the railroad has brought in an influx of eastern businessmen and ranchers. The Jewel was set up to accommodate this new high-brow patronage with high-cost poker games and imported drinks.

Sheriff Earl’s Office
Although more likely to be found in one of the two saloons, this small building is where the Sheriff can be found sleeping off a hangover. It has two jail cells, a rack of rifles and numerous empty bottles.


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