High Moon

Session 4
The Whiskey Fog

The group decides that its totem will be the Chimera. They now need to find a way to contact it. Also each pack member will spend three experience to improve the totem so all can use it.

After staying the night in the town of Stalewater they get up the next day to send out telegrams to collect the bounty on the head of the Cyclops and to let the union troops at fort Something. Some of the pack and the sheriff hung around the gold chest looking for ways to pick up a little more cash, but it was closely guarded by the union soldier. Kills decides that a train is needed to transport the soldier and the gold to the fort and the nearest one is in the camp of the railworkers at the canyon to the west.

Hoy Hail, the ally of Prowls across the Plains, helps Prowls to set up the documents to take possession of his ranch and hire hands that he needs to run it. He now needs to travel west to there and talk with the previous owner to exchange documents.

During travel a whiskey fog descends across all things creating blanks in the memories of some… so making it hard to tell what is real and what will be retconned.

Leaving town the pack ride the the ranch that Prowls will run. He meets his foreman named Parley Gimble who’s talking becomes annoying but he handles animals well. There is a special horse owned by the ranch named ‘Whiteghost’ that Prowls starts working towards training (passed the first test). After speaking with the workers and former owner it turns out Mr Valentine in town has been trying to buy the property and messing with the boundary lines. Prowls issues his workers with the guns they claimed from the late Cyclops gang telling them to see off any one messing with the property and that he has ‘some large dogs’ that he will set on the boundary line to help drive off these unwelcome people. The ranch will be called ‘Broni Ranch’ which was well liked by all the NPC workers.

The pack now head further west to the camp of the railworkers.
Kills all Things takes an instant dislike to the foreman (who turns out to be a werespider) but finally gets through to talk with the railway officer named Haylend, who turns out to be an Ironrider werewolf. He has very strong anti-indian feelings and wants the group to go with him and his nephew to take photos of some men the indians have killed. In exchange he will send one of his trains back east to take the soldier and gold up to the fort, with Loong Slong acting as guard. The werespider turns out not to be wyrm tainted, but could be working for the weaver.

Loong Slong is the mentor of Seeks Justice who is glad that the Cylclops is dead and gives the pack an idol of Chimera allowing the, all to contact their new totem. The pack asks to learn rituals from Loong slong which he agrees to. At this time the pack realise they they can make friends with the Indians and Uktena across the canyon or make friends with those that dislike the Indians. Also Mr Valentine has bought most of the land around the railroad.

Weaves the Fates realises that the caern we found and claimed as our pack caern is not actually the caern she was searching for. Turns out she got North and South mixed up and it is probably around where the silvermine is.

? Experience (agreed by the GM that is on compiling interest each week its not awarded)
? Glory
? Honor
? Wisdom
(still to get the renown for getting the totem)

Future suggestions :
Silvermine is still tainted and could be a caern
Mr Valentine and his elite club in town acting suspicious and only seen at night
Tasks set by Loong slong in payment for the rituals he is teaching the pack ?
various enemies hunting or being hunted by the pack

Session 3
Cyclops and the mutants

The pack decide to hunt the Cyclops and his band of mutants as they are wyrm tainted (Weaves the Fates found out they were) and Kills all Things wants the bounty for the head of the Cyclops. Unknown to the rest of the group Seeks Justice has a personal vendetta against the Cyclops for his attacks against the railroad workers that he was living with.

So the pack head south passing round the town of Stalewater and into the mountains. They makes sue to give the silvermine a wide berth as Weaves the Fates can detect the land is tainted around it.

Prowls across the Plains scouts ahead of the pack finding a secret trail into the mountains leading round an ambush the mutants had set. He jumps on a sniper and finishes him off quickly with his knife. After finding two lookouts and an old fort the rest of the Cyclops gang are using he reports back to the pack for the leader to make a plan.

Kills all Things decides that the two army officers (Kills and Prowls) will stay back using rifles to take out the lookouts while the others (Weaves and Seeks) change into battles forms and attack the mutants in melee. This plan works well, for the two army officers as shot after shot from the rifles down many of the mutants. However they enemy focus their attacks on those near them and injure Weaves. Seeks Justice fights the Cyclops in an heroic duel, finally defeating his enemy after being clawed and burned by the acid the Cyclops spews out of sores on his body.

The pack search the area and find several guns of use, an alive union officer and a chest full of gold bars. They patch up the union office who was a prisoner and Prowls comes up with the idea to take him off to bury his fallen comrades that the Cyclops had been roasting on a spit, so the rest of the pack and pilfer a few of the gold bars. Kills all Things as pack leader has first share of the loot and says the pack will take seven bars of gold, leaving the rest for the army to take back.

A slow walk back to town gets there pack there at nightfall. Kills gets his ally the sheriff to take in the union officer and lock up the gold until the army arrives to pick him up. Then Kills knocks down a young guy in town who tries to pick a fight with him.

? Experience
? Glory
? Honor
? Wisdom

Future to explore :
The silvermine is tainted by the wyrm and need cleaning
Prowls has a ranch still to claim
Lots of talk in town of a mysterious Mr Valentine who no one has seen, but has an elite mens club in the Jewel of Nevada.
The pack STILL has to decide on what totem to take.

Session 2
Discovery of the Caern

This session has the pack leaving the town of Stalewater and travelling north on horses to find a caern they have heard is somewhere in the area.

After a short travel the come across a stranger who lives in the shack out there by himself. He seemed friendly but a little not use to having company. Seeks Justice was able to tell that he is a shape-shifter, but not a werewolf. Judging by his size the pack decided he was probably a werebear and left him alone.

A little further north and the group come across a couple of wolves that are acting strangely by trying to gain their attention. Prowls across the Plains changes into lupus form and talks with them. It turns out they are kinfolk and are worried about another werewolf that has disappeared a few days ago.

It turns out this werewolf is called Moon Moon and often eats poisonous berries and passes out away from the caern. The pack find him and persuade him to travel with them rather than continuing to eat the berries. Possibly the biggest mistake the pack has made so far.

Once the reach the caern they discover it has been abandoned for some time. Moon Moon says he is the guardian of the caern, but has not taken care of it. Weaves the Fates finds and talks with the spirit of the caern which resembles a large bear. The caern is a rage caern and for the pack to gain control of it they must beat the spirit in a fight. The fight goes well for the pack and the caern is declared as theirs.

Following this the perform the Moot right to power the caern and talk about which pack totem to take. This goes on for quite some time. Kills all Things is chosen by the pack as its leader. To round off the moot they perform a sacred hunt, summoning a rabbit spirit to kill. Obviously tired after fighting the bear spirit the pack struggle the catch the rabbit and it even turn on Seeks Justice, boxing him on the snout. Finally the pack beat the rabbit and end the moot successfully.

3 Experience
3 Glory
3 Honor
4 Wisdom
(renown award to Kills all Things for becoming pack leader not awarded yet)

Possible future leads :
Cyclops band to the south somewhere with a bounty on his head
Prowls across the Plains has to claim the ranch he has bought
Various pack members have enemies hunting them or that they are hunting

Session 1
Arrival at Stalewater

The Stagecoach Journey

A group of individuals are waiting at a trading post to take a Stagecoach to the town of Stalewater. Unbeknownst to most of them, four are Garou.

Having the power to detect fellow changing breeds, Sun introduces himself and subtlety reveals his nature to the other Garou.

Also waiting for the coach are newlywed Easterners Myles & Sylvia Rawlings and a seemingly mad Preacher. Once the Wagon arrives, the passengers have time to talk over the journey.

Myles explains that he has been hired by a businessman named Mr Valentine to manage a Gold Panning plot near Stalewater.
The Preacher rants about seeing demons in his dreams, and offers to read bible verses to Sun (who was too polite to refuse). The pages of preacher’s bible have nonsensical annotations scribbled on them about angels and demons.

Later, four riders wearing confederate grey gallop alongside the stagecoach firing guns. The driver is killed and slumps over the railings, leaving the panicked horses uncontrolled and veering towards a rock formation.

The four Garou make short work of the would-be bandits with their pistols & rifles. Moments of awesome include:

  • Jack used a trick shot to shoot a saddle strap, which made the bandit fall of his horse when he next fired his rifle.
  • One of the bandits rolled a -3 botch and shot his own horse
  • Pete managed to clamber on top of the coach and rein in the horses before they could crash into the rocks.
  • Kate also tried to climb up but lost her grip but Jack caught her before she could fall off
  • The two remaining bandits on horseback were gunned down in a couple of rounds, and the two now on foot were sniped shortly after.

Investigating the bodies, they noticed the bandits were hideously deformed. Kate could indentify that they were Wyrm tainted. In their pockets were chunks of cooked human flesh.


By early Evening the Stagecoach arrived in Stalewater. After saying farewells to the Rawlings, the group managed to fast talk the town’s undertaker into believing that the bandit bodies were diseased and should be cremated instead of buried. He was annoyed, but hopeful that the two soldiers would give him more ‘work’ in the future.

They met up with the town’s uninterested Sheriffin the Panner’s Rest and informed him about the incident. They learnt that those bandits were from a group of 12 which has been preying on wagons for a while. Their leader is a one-eyed confederate officer known as the Cyclops, who has a $1000 bounty on his head. Three Union soldiers were dispatched to deal with the gang, but they haven’t returned since riding south.

After leaving the Sheriff, the group visited the more up-market saloon know as the Jewell of Nevada, (which they were only allowed because the Rawlings vouched for them). After ignoring a young wannabe gunslinger and his bodyguard, they had a quiet drink before sorting out rooms and dinner at a local boarding house.

Away from human ears, they all confirmed their true natures and decided to team up while Wyrm influence was in the area. They came up with a plan of action for the next day

  1. Each of them knew of an unprotected Caern somewhere to the North which needs securing.
  2. Afterwards, they would travel south and hunt down the Cyclops, who they suspect is Wyrm tainted


3 Experience
4 Glory
1 Honour
2 Wisdom


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