Prowls Across the Plains

Union cavalry scout, Pete Adams.


Dressed in a weathered long coat and hat Pete is a typical cross country traveller in 1866.
Underneath he still wears the blue coat of the North army and has the pistol and rifle from those days in a holster and strapped to his horse’s saddle respectively. His blue uniform and his large size are the aspects that set him apart from the next man.
His beard has grown in a little after the days of travel. His hair is black and his eyes are light green. In wolf form his fur is black and his eyes change to yellow.

Attributes :
Strength 2 Dexterity 4 Stamina 2
Charisma 2 Manipulation 2 Appearance 2
Perception 4 Intelligence 2 Wits 4

Abilities :
Alertness 3 Athletics 1 Brawl 1 Dodge 3 Larceny 2 Primal-Urge 1 Subterfuge 3
Firearms 3 Melee 1 Ride 1 Stealth 3 Survival 2
Enigmas 1 Investigation 3 Linguistics 1 (Cheyenne)

Resources 4 = Ranch North of Stalewater
Allies 2 = Hoy Hail and Hiamovi
Totem – Pack 1

Gifts :
Persuasion pg139
Speed of thought pg160
Walk Under The New Moon pg142

Rage 4 Gnosis 4 Willpower 6
Glory 1(7) Honor 1(4) Wisdom 1(6)


(work in progress)
Pete was born August 8th 1838
Age 28 Height 6’ 1"

Pete turned during his late teen years as most garou do. Shocked at first, naturally, but his father was werewolf and mother kinfolk. They both helped him to adjust to this new side of his life after he initially struggled under the shocks of 1 werewolves exist, 2 he is one and 3 his parents had been able to keep this from him all his life.
His father shared what he knew but Pete didn’t join the same pack his father was in. Instead he went travelling to find his own fate and discover more of what else is out in this suddenly larger world.

Pete was a scout for the Union army, north, and wears his blue coat with yellow stripe under his duster still.
During his tour in the army he met and befriended Jack Saunders. It was difficult keeping the fact he is a werewolf a secret while in the army. But shortly found out about Jack being a Silverfang werewolf. They worked together at times in the war and helped to hide the fact they are werewolves from the other troops.

pursued by vampires of the south army, grey coats,
encountered during the war, Enemy flaw (2)

Pete speaks Cheyenne after making friends with a son of the local chief. met when scouting this way previously
probably met during trek across the plains when he picked up his fear of (battle)snakes.
second is the trader in town, Hoy Hail, met last time through and gave Pee the idea of buying a ranch near Stalewater after the war.

Pete made his money during the war by picked up fortune while scouting and invested for the last part of the war in areas not heavily effected so came back to a good sum of money.
chose to invest in a ranch to the north of Stalewater. need to take ownership and get it up and running.

Prowls Across the Plains

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