Weaves the Fates


Katherine (Kate) Ravenscar / Weaves the Fates

Black Fury Theurge (Homid)

Attributes :
Strength 2; Dexterity 2; Stamina 2
Charisma 3; Manipulation 2; Appearance 3
Perception 4 (Speciality: Ears like a Bat); Intelligence 3; Wits 3

Abilities :
Alertness 1; Athletics 1; Brawl 1; Dodge 1; Empathy 1; Expression 1; Larceny 1; Primal-Urge 1; Subterfuge 1
Animal Ken 1; Crafts 1; Etiquette 1; Performance 1; Ride 1; Stealth 1
Culture 1; Enigmas 2; Investigation 1; Law 1; Linguistics 1 (English, Garou); Medicine 2; Occult 2; Politics 1; Rituals 2;

Rite of Talismanic Dedication
Rite of the Questing Stone
Rite of Accomplishment (learning)

Gifts :
Spirit Speech
Sense Wyrm


DOB: December 21st 1840

Daughter of two kinfolk, paternal grandmother was a Black Fury Ahroun , mother’s family descended quite a bit further back, mostly kinfolk. She was marked as being possible Garou in childhood, and experienced her first change in at 17. Both younger siblings are kinfolk.

Weaves the Fates’ branch of the Black Furies is specially tasked with investigating and reclaiming caerns that are lost to the Garou or have fallen to the Wyrm. This one has come off some information her grandmother (now deceased) has recalled hearing in childhood, other caerns are being tracked through information pieced from documents/ stories/ assistance from spirits, so much of the info is vague and fragmented.

Around 6 months ago the tribe was attacked and a number of ranches and homesteads set on fire by unknown assailants. Much of the info lost, with a number of Garou and kinfolk killed (including her grandmother). This was about 6 months ago so ever since then the tribe have been trying to track down the information. She has been sent out to see if this one can be located and secure before those after them can obtain possession of the caern. Due to the nature of the information, it is hoped that the raiders will only have a general idea of what to look for rather than specific locations.

Grandmother (Strikes with Fury) was the daughter of a very conservative Get of Fenris Philodox (father), who left the family at adolescence as she knew she would not be given equal ranking with the male Garou of her family, and came to Black Furies with no contact with her birth family since. Weaves the Fates has a suspicion that it might be relatives on this side who are responsible for the attacks, angry that some of the caerns tracked down have been from their history and thinking her Grandmother has come across information previously held by her birth family, but this is just conjecture so has not been raised further.

Weaves the Fates

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