High Moon

Session 3

Cyclops and the mutants

The pack decide to hunt the Cyclops and his band of mutants as they are wyrm tainted (Weaves the Fates found out they were) and Kills all Things wants the bounty for the head of the Cyclops. Unknown to the rest of the group Seeks Justice has a personal vendetta against the Cyclops for his attacks against the railroad workers that he was living with.

So the pack head south passing round the town of Stalewater and into the mountains. They makes sue to give the silvermine a wide berth as Weaves the Fates can detect the land is tainted around it.

Prowls across the Plains scouts ahead of the pack finding a secret trail into the mountains leading round an ambush the mutants had set. He jumps on a sniper and finishes him off quickly with his knife. After finding two lookouts and an old fort the rest of the Cyclops gang are using he reports back to the pack for the leader to make a plan.

Kills all Things decides that the two army officers (Kills and Prowls) will stay back using rifles to take out the lookouts while the others (Weaves and Seeks) change into battles forms and attack the mutants in melee. This plan works well, for the two army officers as shot after shot from the rifles down many of the mutants. However they enemy focus their attacks on those near them and injure Weaves. Seeks Justice fights the Cyclops in an heroic duel, finally defeating his enemy after being clawed and burned by the acid the Cyclops spews out of sores on his body.

The pack search the area and find several guns of use, an alive union officer and a chest full of gold bars. They patch up the union office who was a prisoner and Prowls comes up with the idea to take him off to bury his fallen comrades that the Cyclops had been roasting on a spit, so the rest of the pack and pilfer a few of the gold bars. Kills all Things as pack leader has first share of the loot and says the pack will take seven bars of gold, leaving the rest for the army to take back.

A slow walk back to town gets there pack there at nightfall. Kills gets his ally the sheriff to take in the union officer and lock up the gold until the army arrives to pick him up. Then Kills knocks down a young guy in town who tries to pick a fight with him.

? Experience
? Glory
? Honor
? Wisdom

Future to explore :
The silvermine is tainted by the wyrm and need cleaning
Prowls has a ranch still to claim
Lots of talk in town of a mysterious Mr Valentine who no one has seen, but has an elite mens club in the Jewel of Nevada.
The pack STILL has to decide on what totem to take.


badgerbonker agrogamer

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