High Moon

Session 2

Discovery of the Caern

This session has the pack leaving the town of Stalewater and travelling north on horses to find a caern they have heard is somewhere in the area.

After a short travel the come across a stranger who lives in the shack out there by himself. He seemed friendly but a little not use to having company. Seeks Justice was able to tell that he is a shape-shifter, but not a werewolf. Judging by his size the pack decided he was probably a werebear and left him alone.

A little further north and the group come across a couple of wolves that are acting strangely by trying to gain their attention. Prowls across the Plains changes into lupus form and talks with them. It turns out they are kinfolk and are worried about another werewolf that has disappeared a few days ago.

It turns out this werewolf is called Moon Moon and often eats poisonous berries and passes out away from the caern. The pack find him and persuade him to travel with them rather than continuing to eat the berries. Possibly the biggest mistake the pack has made so far.

Once the reach the caern they discover it has been abandoned for some time. Moon Moon says he is the guardian of the caern, but has not taken care of it. Weaves the Fates finds and talks with the spirit of the caern which resembles a large bear. The caern is a rage caern and for the pack to gain control of it they must beat the spirit in a fight. The fight goes well for the pack and the caern is declared as theirs.

Following this the perform the Moot right to power the caern and talk about which pack totem to take. This goes on for quite some time. Kills all Things is chosen by the pack as its leader. To round off the moot they perform a sacred hunt, summoning a rabbit spirit to kill. Obviously tired after fighting the bear spirit the pack struggle the catch the rabbit and it even turn on Seeks Justice, boxing him on the snout. Finally the pack beat the rabbit and end the moot successfully.

3 Experience
3 Glory
3 Honor
4 Wisdom
(renown award to Kills all Things for becoming pack leader not awarded yet)

Possible future leads :
Cyclops band to the south somewhere with a bounty on his head
Prowls across the Plains has to claim the ranch he has bought
Various pack members have enemies hunting them or that they are hunting


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