High Moon

Session 1

Arrival at Stalewater

The Stagecoach Journey

A group of individuals are waiting at a trading post to take a Stagecoach to the town of Stalewater. Unbeknownst to most of them, four are Garou.

Having the power to detect fellow changing breeds, Sun introduces himself and subtlety reveals his nature to the other Garou.

Also waiting for the coach are newlywed Easterners Myles & Sylvia Rawlings and a seemingly mad Preacher. Once the Wagon arrives, the passengers have time to talk over the journey.

Myles explains that he has been hired by a businessman named Mr Valentine to manage a Gold Panning plot near Stalewater.
The Preacher rants about seeing demons in his dreams, and offers to read bible verses to Sun (who was too polite to refuse). The pages of preacher’s bible have nonsensical annotations scribbled on them about angels and demons.

Later, four riders wearing confederate grey gallop alongside the stagecoach firing guns. The driver is killed and slumps over the railings, leaving the panicked horses uncontrolled and veering towards a rock formation.

The four Garou make short work of the would-be bandits with their pistols & rifles. Moments of awesome include:

  • Jack used a trick shot to shoot a saddle strap, which made the bandit fall of his horse when he next fired his rifle.
  • One of the bandits rolled a -3 botch and shot his own horse
  • Pete managed to clamber on top of the coach and rein in the horses before they could crash into the rocks.
  • Kate also tried to climb up but lost her grip but Jack caught her before she could fall off
  • The two remaining bandits on horseback were gunned down in a couple of rounds, and the two now on foot were sniped shortly after.

Investigating the bodies, they noticed the bandits were hideously deformed. Kate could indentify that they were Wyrm tainted. In their pockets were chunks of cooked human flesh.


By early Evening the Stagecoach arrived in Stalewater. After saying farewells to the Rawlings, the group managed to fast talk the town’s undertaker into believing that the bandit bodies were diseased and should be cremated instead of buried. He was annoyed, but hopeful that the two soldiers would give him more ‘work’ in the future.

They met up with the town’s uninterested Sheriffin the Panner’s Rest and informed him about the incident. They learnt that those bandits were from a group of 12 which has been preying on wagons for a while. Their leader is a one-eyed confederate officer known as the Cyclops, who has a $1000 bounty on his head. Three Union soldiers were dispatched to deal with the gang, but they haven’t returned since riding south.

After leaving the Sheriff, the group visited the more up-market saloon know as the Jewell of Nevada, (which they were only allowed because the Rawlings vouched for them). After ignoring a young wannabe gunslinger and his bodyguard, they had a quiet drink before sorting out rooms and dinner at a local boarding house.

Away from human ears, they all confirmed their true natures and decided to team up while Wyrm influence was in the area. They came up with a plan of action for the next day

  1. Each of them knew of an unprotected Caern somewhere to the North which needs securing.
  2. Afterwards, they would travel south and hunt down the Cyclops, who they suspect is Wyrm tainted


3 Experience
4 Glory
1 Honour
2 Wisdom


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